Our Education and Research

Our Department has a longstanding commitment to excellence in research that is of national and international significance.

Research clusters

We are committed to a broad coverage of substantive areas of research interest and methodological orientations.

Our research clusters provide the focus for research activity:

  • Educational Leadership, Management and Governance
  • Internationalisation and Globalisation of Education
  • Language and Educational Practices
  • Learning, Pedagogy and Diversity

Research projects

We are involved in a wide range of research activities, including collaborative projects at both national and international levels.

Projects are funded by a variety of bodies including:

  • Economics & Social Research Council (ESRC)
  • European Commission
  • Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
  • Higher Education Academy
  • Department for Education
  • International Baccalaureate

Through the clusters and our links with the University's Institute for Policy Research we are engaged in knowledge transfer and the dissemination of our work to practitioners, research institutes, businesses, national and local government, the EU, overseas governments, international agencies, charities and NGOs, extending the impact of our research in the wider national and international community.

Research students

At Newcastle researchers are committed to an interdisciplinary approach to education, and their work is underpinned by a range of theoretical positions, making for a stimulating environment for students to develop their own research projects with supervision from Department academic staff.